Al Roker Pooped His Pants: Da REMIX!!!!!

This is catchier than 'Call Me Maybe'. I DARE you to not sing along. C'mon everybody do the Dookie Dance!!

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'Warhorsey' Is Just Like 'War Horse', But With Poop

Now THIS could sweep the BAFTAs. If I've had one criticism with filmmaking of late, it's that you never see characters go the bathroom. Seriously, you think Ethan Hunt can dangle off the world's tallest building without essing his underpees? I doubt it, considering the amount of running around he does. I mean, he's well-trained, but not that well-trained. The guys at FilmDunk/Frotcast also take issue with that decided lack of realism, and so a fan has heard their call and cut together this trailer for Warhorsey, the horse that poops. It's a more realistic approach to War Horse and solves the issue of what happens after Joey eats all that hay. Too bad that the original release didn't handle this subject matter. Would have swept the BAFTAs, I bet. Now this is more like it. Now get to work on a Ghost Protocol recut with a turd streaking down glass. (FilmDrunk)


'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2' Poops In Church

Religious extremists are going to have a field day with this one. Looks like we've got another Passion Of The Christ on our hands. It's been about a year since the first Diary Of A Wimpy Kid was released, and Fox isn't letting up on divulging the wimpiness of this kid. The trailer opens with jokes about pooping your pants in church. Great. Religious extremists are going to have a field day with this one. Looks like we've got another Passion Of The Christ on our hands. In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules, the little geek is tormented by a young Jimmy Fallon clone named Rodrick. And man, that Rodrick DOES rule. With his tussled hair, one-handed folding technique, extreme driving, and you know he's hiding pot somewhere in that wimpy household. When Steve Zahn finds it, Rodrick will play it off. "Just holding it for a friend, Dad. Now can I get back to practicing my fingering?" For the guitar, of course, you guys.


'Hop' Poops Out New Trailer Along With Jelly Beans

I don't necessarily think Universal's 'Hop' looks 'Smurfs' bad, but the Russell Brand CG toon seems like stale old mini-Snickers. Anyone else see this formula as a standard template for many CG animated movies? Everybody knows that Easter Bunnies are supposed to deliver candy, but what if one Easter Bunny... played in a rock band? Everybody knows that pandas are supposed to be fat and slow, but what if one panda... became a kung-fu master? Everybody knows that super-villains are supposed to be evil, but what if one super-villian... became a loving father of three adopted children? Everybody knows that bees are supposed to make honey, but what if one bee... sued the entire human race in a court of law? That last one is actually what happens in Bee Movie. Yup, I saw Bee Movie, and that totally happens. Anyway, I don't necessarily think Universal's Hop looks Smurfs bad, but it also seems like stale old mini-Snickers at this point. The Russell Brand voiced cartoon/live action mix will be in theaters April 1st to cash in on families who can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Easter. (Deadline)


'The Conjuring' Trailer: So Scary I May Have Pooped On My Underpants

Yet another reason why playing with your kids is a bad idea. James Wan has found himself a nice little niche. Step 1) Make very scary movies for very little money. Step 2) Go to the bank. Previously, Wan earned $100 million on a $1.5 million investment with Insidious. His latest, The Conjuring, looks scary enough to earn all the money. Stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga (who don't appear in this trailer) play a husband and wife team of ghost hunters investigating a remote farmhouse. They quickly learn that they are in over their heads when the supernatural activity grows more and more violent. I'm really impressed by the hide and seek sequence featured in this trailer. Suppose you're a ghost and a new family moves into your house and immediately starts playing hide and seek while blindfold. How can you not f**k with them? This ghost, though, just takes it to an amazing level. It deserves our respect. This film was originally slated for January 2013 release but due to resounding praise from audiences, the film was pushed back to August to rake in those sweet, sweet summer dollars.


Russell Brand Poops Candy In ‘Hop’ Trailer

Katy Perry shoots sparks from her breasts and Russell Brand craps jellybeans. Their children will surf on rainbows. I'd always felt that Russell Brand leads a charmed life and today I have confirmation that he poops candy. I knew that the director of Alvin and the Chipmunks couldn't resist a poop-eating joke. He probably laughed like a bastard while watching The Human Centipede. In the film, Brand plays the I'd-rather-be-drumming Easter Bunny (who is British for some reason), as he embarks on his yearly mission only to be run over by James Marsden. The end. Oops. No. I guess there's more movie after that. And David Hasselhoff. If there are two things that Tim Hill can't resist, they are poop-eating and David Hasselhoff. Which do you prefer? (Apple)


For Dick Poop, It's An Honor Just To Be Nominated

Tee-hee. She said "dick," and then she said "poop." We all thought it was hilarious when John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel as 'Adele Dazeem' during last year's Oscars telecast. This year, the Academy decided to play it safe with their nominations. Nothing too exotic. Let's keep it nice and simple and nominate someone with an easy to pronounce name like Dick Pope, for his contributions as cinematographer on Mr. Turner. What could possibly go wrong? Oh boy. The scars of schoolyard taunts have just been elevated to a global level.


Ha Ha, Jeff Daniels Is On CNN And He's Pooping

CNN has suddenly become awesome. Due to all the controversy and criticism they draw because of their lazy hiring practices, they knew they needed to switch things up fast. CNN has suddenly become awesome. Due to all the controversy and criticism they draw because of their lazy hiring practices, they knew they needed to switch things up fast. I don't know if they've hired a new programming director or an outside consultant or what, but whoever they've brought in has made the channel much more watchable. During a segment about British people or something, they inexplicably cut to the scene from Dumb And Dumber where Jeff Daniels evacuates his bowels. I mean, they can't even show that entire scene on FX, and those guys play "The Shield." Watch out, Comedy Central. If CNN gets hold of an unedited copy of Just One Of The Guys, you'll be out of business.


'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer Poops On Comedy Tropes And Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston seems cool. Horrible Bosses 2 reunites Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day for more hatred directed toward their employers. This time around, the guys are giving murder a break and simply seeking to commit a kidnapping. Also, Jennifer Aniston likes to be pooped on so much that you don't even have to ask permission. David Schwimmer, however, requires three letters of reference and an NDA. They've also brought back Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, however, we're not certain if Gregory from OnStar will be returning.