Adrien Brody Channels His Inner Criss Angel In History Channel's 'Houdini' Trailer

Houdini was the original Mindfreak, only with fewer wallet chains. The History Channel, not be outshined by its peers, offering up programs on bird murderers, fat children in pageants, and people forced to pawn things, has decided to compete using the high(er) road. Biopics with somewhat big stars attached. In this case, angular man Adrien Brody will be playing the iconic showman. This time up, we're getting treated to the life of Harry Houdini, the only magician in history who didn't rely on glitter and lasers to get his point across. Fortunately, Harry Houdini's work was pretty theatrical, so this could translate better to television than a guy who keeps asking "Is this your card?" and tries to convince you that he just made you float. Houdini will be a two-part series airing on September 1 and 2 this fall. (Deadline)