Adam Sandler's 'That's My Boy' Redband and Greenband Trailers

It looks better that 'Jack and Jill', but that's not a high bar to clear. Leave Father's Day 2012 open for this gem. That's My Boy follows Adam Sandler as he tries to re-establish contact with his successful son, played by Andy Samberg. Past that, the two seem to get in a lot of PG-13 mischief sprinkled with lots of R-rated "fucks" throughout the film. The film seems to be a conscious effort by Sandler to get away from the miserable family fare he's been putting out recently, but doesn't seem to be any more likable or entertaining. Ok. Maybe slightly more entertaining, but still pretty damn dumb. The film recalls some of Sandler's comedy albums, even dolling up the actor in "Steve Polychronopolous"-type garb. Bonus points if anyone gets that reference. Needless to say, no new ground is being broken here, but it's slightly different than the crap he had been putting out. To a new type of crap made by Adam Sandler!