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Adam Sandler Assaults Kid In ‘Just Go With It’ Trailer

Columbia Pictures has dropped the trailer for Adam Sandler’s latest, Just Go With It. It’s funny how that title encapsulates pretty much what I do with all of Sandler’s movies now, because it’s so exhausting to fight it anymore.

Sandler plays a guy who gets girls by wearing a wedding ring and telling them that his wife is awful to him. Then he meets a girl (Brooklyn Decker) without the ring, but she finds the ring and is all like, “WTF?” So Sandler gets his frumpy (but not really) best friend, played by Jennifer Aniston, to pretend she’s his ex-wife, only to realize that she turns hot when she wears her hair down. Then some kid puts his face on Sandler’s weiner. I’m sure there’s more to it, but not much.

Just Go With It hits theaters February 11, 2011.

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