Aaron Sorkin Busted For Plagiarising Aaron Sorkin

What he said. Remember when the Internet discovered that Michael Bay was recycling footage from Pearl Harbor and The Island for use in his Transformers movies? People were pretty upset about it. Welp, those same people are going to be super-cheesed after watching this supercut of Aaron Sorkin reusing the same dialogue across all his projects. Does this mean that he has to give his West Wing money back?

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In This 'Pound Of Flesh' Clip, JCVD Tracks Down The People Who Stole His Organs

An organ-less Jean-Claude Van Damme taking to the streets is terrifying. Do you like Jean-Claude Van Damme? Nevermind. Just keep reading regardless of how you would have answered this. He's stepping out in a new, slightly less self-aware film called Pound of Flesh, in which the Belgian action star wakes up in the familiar tub full of ice, only to discover his kidney has been jacked. There's a wrinkle to this otherwise run-of-the-mill organ theft story: HIS DYING NIECE NEEDS THAT KIDNEY! They pissed off the wrong aging Belgian action star this time. Maybe he could just go down this route: (THR)


New ‘Green Hornet’ Trailer Busts Out Kato-Vision

The new theatrical trailer for The Green Hornet has a lot going for it. It's got lots of guns, cool cars, some hot chicks, and even a few jokes thrown in for good measure. But what most impressed me about the trailer was the "Kato Vision." The new theatrical trailer for The Green Hornet has a lot going for it. It's got lots of guns, cool cars, some hot chicks, and even a few jokes thrown in for good measure. But what most impressed me about the trailer was the "Kato-Vision." Apparently, the Green Hornet's trusty sidekick, Kato, has the ability to see things in super-slow motion. This allows him a distinct advantage when fighting villains. I'm not sure if all Asians have this power, or just Kato. Either way, Panda Express has seen the last of me. The Green Hornet buzzes into theaters January 14.


Two Comedians Eat, Drink, And Bust Balls In 'The Trip'

It's kinda like going on a 70-minute road trip with two hilarious British friends. It's exactly like that, actually. The Trip is essentially a movie about two comedians hanging out. Shot as a BBC miniseries, a camera crew followed around Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, as they adopted amplified versions of their personas for the cameras. (Think "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but good-natured.) The miniseries has been boiled down to a 70-minute documentary/feature that follows the duo around as they tour England, eating, drinking, and doing nothing in particular. No word on when, if ever, the full series will come stateside. In meantime enjoy some killer impressions over dinner. The Trip hits theaters June 10. "She was only 16 years old." (Watch it. You'll see.)


New 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Trailer Adds Bad Channing Tatum Dialogue

Thanks goodness they added that! After pushing the film's release in order to add more Channing Tatum, the marketing team behind G.I. Joe: Retaliation is back with proof of more Channing Tatum. Unfortunately, they used footage that has him assing out while trying to act street. Fortunately, the Rock is there to confiscate his Hood Pass. Other than the comedy stylings of Mark Wahlberg Lite, this trailer gives us a great look at the state of the art weapon Cobra is using to destroy entire countries with. Then by the end we're given a great look at the state of the art weapon being destroyed. So, yeah, I guess the good guys win. Stay tuned to future trailers to find out about any other major deaths or plot points.


See How West Hollywood Was Won In 'Gangster Squad' Trailer

Ryan Gosling cracking wise and heads. Ryan Gosling is ready to do for the tommy gun what he did for the hammer. The first trailer for Gangster Squad is here with all your modern favorites. Josh Brolin and Gosling star as the heads of a group of cops turned gangster killers with their sights set on Sean Penn's Mickey Cohen. Anyway I think that's Sean Penn. Looks more like when Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze play pranks disguised as old people on Jackass.


'A Million Ways To Die In The West' Trailer Has Lots Of Seth MacFarlane

I hope the film addresses all 1,000,000. Not a big fan of Seth MacFarlane? Tough shit. He's all over this trailer for his latest film. He directed, produced, co-wrote, and stars in the film, bso you best get over yourself and learn to love the man. Or you can just decide that he doesn't play to your sense of humor and go on your way. But before making your decision, factor in the roles of Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Silverman, Giovanni Ribisi, and Neil Patrick Harris. Gets tougher, no?


How Do You Improve 'The Canyons' Trailer? The Same Way You Improve Everything. Add Kanye West.

It just needed the drama ratcheted up a little. The Canyons hasn't exactly enjoyed good press since the proejct was announced. There was the Lohan piece in The New York Times, the film festival snubs, and a general sense of dread in the critical world. However, all those hiccups seem to disappear when you put the film against a near-perfect Kanye West song. It fits the nihilistic mood well, and adds a gravity to the film that actually feels organic. The quality of the film certainly remains to be seen, but this trailer gets two thumbs up.


Key & Peele Takittothu' Limit With New East-West Bowl Sketch

Wonm-Ore Tyme. With some kind of big football thing about to happen, Key and Peele have released another East-West Bowl player introduction clip. With the number of silly names and wigs being quickly depleted, the guys outsourced some of the work by casting actual college players with very ridiculous real names. Like Ishmaa'ily Kitchen and A. A. Ron Rodgers. Still, their own contributions are on point. World, meet Triple Parakeet-Shoes, J.R. Junior Juniors Jr., Strunk Flugget, and Swordless Mimetown. It's far time that Key and Peele start printing up trading cards.