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A Sexy Goodbye to Entourage

Maxim has a piece on the hottest chicks from Entourage. It’s a comprehensive list. But there’s really no way to name all of them.  There are just so many. And that’s one of the many reasons that I’m a little saddened the season is over. It was a damn good one and ended on a definite high note. 

The hottest girls of Entourage (Maxim)

Shatner comments on the new Enterprise (Youtube)


Waterworld: The Musical (Filmdrunk)


Four join The Spy Next Door (Empire)


Clint Eastwood to retire from acting? (Telegraph)


Blizzard looking for writers for Warcraft movie (Filmonic)


I Am Legend prequel? (CHUD)


Awesome 80’s Montage: Shawshank (Funnyordie)









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