A New Year's Eve Supercut!

Let's toast with some sparkling grape juice. In case you're not making it out tonight, you can live vicariously through a bunch of fictional people pretending to party. None of them end up crying on a stoop or throw up on their parents' friends. Watch this and relive the magic that was never really there to begin with. I'm surprised it's not four minutes of characters just telling each other to be safe out there and stay off the roads.

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Netflix Is Getting Rid Of 100 New Shows On January 1. Happy New Year.

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Haunting Survivor Tells Ghost Stories In 'My Amityville Horror'

The Amityville Horror has its share of detractors. Many refuse to believe the claims made by the Lutz and have written them off as a hoax. But no one can deny that Ryan Reynolds looked strange with that beard. The Amityville Horror has its share of detractors. Many refuse to believe the claims made by the Lutz and have written them off as a hoax. The movie update starring a bearded Ryan Reynolds didn't help matters either. But none of those naysayers had to live the nightmare that allegedly befell the Lutz Family. Now, thirty-two years after the original film, the eldest son Daniel has come forward to tell his side of the story. Though it might not silence the skeptics, the things he saw and the nightmare he has relived his entire life are all captured in this documentary. Hopefully through cheap-o "reenactment" footage with local actors who don't know what to do with their arms. (via Dread Central)


Vampires Don’t Sparkle In ‘Priest’ Trailer

The upcoming horror movie Priest looks kind of cool, if you're not all vamped out after Twilight and the like. The upcoming horror movie Priest (based on the Korean comic) looks kind of cool, if you're not all vamped out after Twilight and the like. It stars Paul Bettany as a guy with a cross on his forehead who is apparently unafraid of the Charles Manson comparisons (and Manson has a swastika, which is kind of like a cross, but whatever). A new trailer has just been released, and it's full of loud noises and serious-looking Englishmen shouting down pronouncements about "lone warriors" and stuff. To be honest this looks kind of cool, but this might be a case of cool trailer/crappy movie that is so prevalent these days. We won't know until the movie comes out, obviously, but this trailer should be able to tide you over until then.


Jon Stewart Tells Benedict Cumberbatch He Wants To Rip His Clothes Off

But, like, in a professional, journalistic way, I'm sure. Benedict Cumberbatch sure has been making the rounds recently to promote The Imitation Game. It seems you can't swing a dead cat without some story about Cumberbatch being charming as hell and imitating the Queen or turning toxic waste into roses or something. The guy is matched only by Chris Pratt in the "can do no wrong" category. So it's little surprise that Daily Show host Jon Stewart had a hard time controlling his urges when interviewing the British actor. In fact, Jon Stewart didn't just have a hard time controlling his urges, he ignored them completely, asking Ben to remove his clothes.


Lake Bell Lies To Be With Simon Pegg In Totally Fictional 'Man Up'

'Divergent' is more believable than this. Man Up stars Simon Pegg as a guy who has a great time with his blind date who isn't completely, totally honest with him. Lake Bell stars as the lying liar who lies in order to be with him. Just so we're clear that this is a work of fiction, Lake Bell looks like this: And Simon Pegg looks like this.Once her deceit is revealed, they then break up and spend the rest of the movie figuring out that they want to be together. What until he finds out that she's not even really British.


Relive The 90's With Retro 'Birdman' Toy Commercial

I hope they release a Prince-driven soundtrack next. Now that they're clear of Oscar season, Fox Searchlight are no longer required to look down their nose at superhero movies and can partake in the sweet merchandising dollars that superhero films enjoy. The film is back in theaters with an Oscar under its belt, so they've put together this retro Birdman action figure commercial to celebrate. I hope they release a Prince-driven soundtrack next.


Surprise, Surprise: A CGI Paddington Bear Looks Disturbing In The 'Paddington' Trailer

I don't remember him sticking his face in so many toilets in the books. In an effort to ensure that no element of your childhood be without a move based on that element, The Weinstein Company gives us Paddington, a live-action/CGI film that follows around that marmalade-lovin' ursine bastard. The film is of course based on the children's book A Bear Called Paddington. He's voiced by Colin Firth, who is pretty much a less furry Paddington bear in human form anyway. Lest you treat this film as optional viewing, its release date is December 25th, 2014...so you WILL SEE THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND IT WILL BE PLEASANT. Because we all know the lowest common denominators among families during the holidays are Colin Firth and cartoon British bears. That's not up for discussion.