A Longer, Shoutier Look At Larry David's 'Clear History'

It's like 'Curb' meets a 1980's Steve Guttenberg movie. After eight seasons of shouting and taking wrongdoers to task over their etiquettal transgressions on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David needed to try his hand at something else. That something else turned out to be HBO's Clear History, a new film in which David shouts and takes wrongdoers to task over their etiquettal transgressions. More specifically, he stars as a marketing executive who sells his shares in an electric car company after getting into it with Jon Hamm. The car, of course, turns all of it's investors into instant billionaires leaving David with nothing, forcing he and his deranged Love Guru-esque to flee to an island and make a new name for himself. Years later, when his rival Hamm also decides to move to the island David's world is sent into a shouty tailspin. Bill Hader, Philip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, and Amy Ryan also star. Also, in true Leon fashion, J.B. Smoove also decides to tag along. You gotta get in Jon Hamm's ass, Larry.