8-Bit 'Anchorman': You Stay Classy, Nintendo

If this were around when I was a kid, I'd had become a big scotch addict. It's really distilled but still funnier than the trailer for Anchorman 2.

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8-Bit Ripley Looks Totally Hot In Lost 'Aliens' Game

If you owned the classic Nintendo in the 80s and love 'Aliens,' your jaw will drop at this game project that got lost in space. There's a lot of talk now about the new Alien-ish movie. However, if you owned the classic Nintendo in the 80s and love Aliens, your jaw will drop at this game project that got lost in space. In 1987, Japanese game publisher Square, who later created the RPG series Final Fantasy, which we're sure has inspired more than one chocobo furry sex orgy at Dragon*Con, got the license to make an Aliens game. Unfortunately, the game was never released on the NES, only on the Japanese Famicom Disk System. The recently rediscovered game is documented in the video above from 1up. It shows us what we've all been missing. The biggest thing, in my opinion, is the super-sexy Sigourney Weaver sprite. She has ducked and float-leaped into my heart. If the 8-bit version of Ripley came into my bedroom wearing a pink jump suit and big boots, brandishing a laser gun, I wouldn't turn her down. Maybe that's partly because of my fear of laser guns, but still. 5-year-old me would have declared 8-bit Ripley his girlfriend, and once again, nobody would talk to me at recess. (1up)


'Anchorman 2' Trailer – MAKE ME LAUGH, DAMMIT!

That escalated slowly! Wait. I screwed that up. Shit. As we learned over a year ago on Conan, Anchorman is coming back with more of the same. And in no way is that depressing. All of our old favorites will be returning as well as a few new faces appearing as Ron, brick, Champ, and Brian run amok around NYC, trying to make their way in the face of the rise of cable news. I'm sure it will be more interesting than the second part of that sentence makes it sound.


The 'Star Wars' Porn Parody Looks Funnier Than The 'Family Guy' One

This won't ruin your childhood as badly as the prequels did. Vivid Video's porn version of Stars Wars prides itself on having the highest budget ever for an X-rated spoof. From watching this trailer, I'd estimate it around 4,000 bucks. Though this trailer doesn't hint at any of the sexy escapades that the rebel forces take part in, I'd totally see this. In fact, just cut out all the parts with wangs ding-donging around and I'd be a regular viewer of XXX parodies. The cheap effects combined with the bad acting and C-3PO's sassiness are a winning combo. Are we certain that there is any sex in this movie? Maybe we're confused and XXX means bad effects and direction. If so, Van Helsing was erroneously rated. (Topless Robot)


William Ferrell Is Terrible At Joining Gangs In Funnier 'Get Hard' Trailer

Then again, it's never easy to get into a really good gang. The hardening of Will Ferrell does not go very well in this second trailer for Get Hard. The set up is still the same. Rich, white guy Ferrell is sentenced to serve time in San Quentin, the toughest prison in the country. With thirty days until his sentence begins, he reaches out to the only black person he knows, Kevin Hart, to help him get accustomed to what life will be like on the inside. The only problem with that plan is that Kevin Hart has no idea what life is like in prison, but he's happy to exploit his naivety and gets him started on a program. What's the worst that can happen? It's not like a monkey is going to stab Will Ferrell in the head. Or is it?


The Times Are A-Changin' In 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' Trailer. Also, Scorpions

R.I.P. Sweet Brick. This newest trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues slices off a big piece of plot detail. As Father Time rolls the clock from 1979 to 1980, Ron Burgundy must also roll with the changes as he fails upward into the world of cable news. However if you're looking for more details about how the News Team ends up getting attacked by airborne scorpions or the situation that causes Ron to force feed a gallon of milk to a shark, you'll have to see the film when it opens on Christmas Day. Speaking of Christmas, I know what I want. That RV with a painting of Ron and Jesus on the side. If the RV is not available, I'll settle for a t-shirt with that pairing. But it had better be a really comfortable t-shirt because I don't intend to ever take it off.


Here's The Trailer For That Nintendo Power Glove Documentary You Didn't Know Your Life Was Missing

In a meta twist, the documentary is ineffective and frustrating, causing viewers to draw parallels to its subject matter. Someone put together a documentary about the rise and quick fall of the Nintendo Power Glove, a device that prepared a whole generation for the requisite excitement, hope, then disappointment that life doles out in heapin' spoonfuls. I guess the title Nostalgia!: The Movie was taken or something. Anyway, here's the trailer for The Power of Glove, the documentary of the Power Glove.