50 Cent And Bruce Willis Are In A Movie Together (For Some Reason)

I can't tell you what rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is doing sharing the screen with famous and reasonably talented actor Bruce Willis, but I know this: it ain't dancin'. Don't look at me for answers, I'm just a reporter. That's right, I can't tell you what rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is doing sharing the screen with famous and reasonably talented actor Bruce Willis. It looks like acting, but that's not really sufficient explanation, is it? Well, there aren't many more clues in the trailer to the new crime thriller Setup. There's a heist, I think, and there's Ryan Phillippe, and it's all being directed/written by a stunt coordinator. It doesn't really add up, but here it is. It's got a lot of the staples of a Bruce Willis OR 50 Cent movie: people getting shot, things being stolen, bad guys riding in the back of limos and saying vague and evil things, and someone possibly being a ghost. Who knows, it might even be good! It most likely will not, but stranger things have happened. You know, like that time 50 Cent lost all that weight for a movie that looks like it was shot on a flip phone. (Vulture)

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Try Not To Laugh During The Trailer For 50 Cent's Cancer Drama 'Things Fall Apart'

Whoa, Ray Liotta looks thin! Rapper/actor/faux cancer patient 50 Cent really wants to be taken seriously as an actor, and he's willing to go to such lengths as losing scary amounts of weight and crying on screen like some girl. Unfortunately, it looks like his project-selecting abilities might be a little lacking, judging from this trailer for his latest movie Things Fall Apart. A disturbingly svelte 50 Cent isn't the only notable thing about this trailer - you also have Dr. Ray Liotta and Mario "Somehow The Worst Actor In New Jack City" Van Peebles in the cast. The buzz on the trailer is that it's, uh, not good (The Playlist calls it "hilariously awful"). And yeah, it's pretty bad, but the movie seems more boring than hilariously bad to me. Which would pretty much be par for the course for 50 Cent.


Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren Take The Odd Contract In 'Red' Trailer

Robert Schwentke's film adaptation of the Warren Ellis graphic novel Red looks like The Losers recast for a CBS audience. It stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich (going full-Nugent), and Mary-Louise Parker as former CIA assassins forced into retirement. But old habits die hard and the boredom of retired life sets in, causing them to venture out on their own to murder-for-hire. And then when their old bosses try to have them killed, they reunite to take the fight to the CIA's front door. Why is the CIA always trying to kill its former employees? That hardly happens with any other profession. Better off safe than sorry though. That's why I've been systematically eliminating the customers from my boyhood paper route. That, and because of their ethnicities. HELEN MIRREN POPS A CAP AFTER THE JUMP...


Bill Murray, Zooey Deschanel, And Bruce Willis Get Together To 'Rock The Kasbah'

Whatever the hell that means. It's hard to tell what kind of film Rock the Kasbah is going to be from its trailer. But that probably won't stop you from seeing the likes of Bill Murray sing Deep Purple to a group of Afghan residents. Wouldn't you agree? The premise of the film revolves around a manager (Murray) taking his singer (Deschanel) to do a USO show in Afghanistan, when she leaves him without a wallet or passport. He wanders around Afghanistan, as US music managers so often due, until he finds a girl that needs to get to Kabul to sing. It's wacky, it's probably heartfelt, and it even has Danny McBride.


Bruce Willis And Some Guy Team Up In 'A Good Day To Die Hard' Teaser

What if 007 went through the Plainfield NJ school system? While there is still some debate about which day would be the best to Die Hard (I say Thursday, because then you still have the entire weekend), we do know which day would be a good one for Die Harding. To find out, watch this teaser trailer for A Good Day To Die-Hard. It chronicles John McClane and his son as they go global and take on Russian terrorists. No offense to John McClane but if he were my dad, we wouldn't hang out much. Just safer that way.


Take Donald Glover Seriously As A Rapper

Community star Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, raps in an empty warehouse in this non-comedy music video. You know him as Troy from NBC's Community, a former staff writer on 30 Rock, and a part of the comedy group Derrick, but did you know that Donald Glover was also a legit rapper by the name of Childish Gambino? Check out just how legit he is in this new Dan Eckman-directed video for his song Freaks and Geeks. The guy's got some serious talent, and if you don't believe it, just watch him own a huge empty warehouse in this video. He totally makes that inanimate object his bitch.


Michael Mann Shares A Grizzled First Look At HBO’s ‘Luck’

It's fun to see all these accomplished actors dressed like the degenerates at the OTB. Luck - In Production - Watch more Funny Videos If you're a fan of HBO's "Deadwood" you have reason to open the peaches. Here's a first look at "Luck," the new HBO series from "Deadwood" writer David Milch and Heat director Michael Mann. The horse racing drama stars Dustin Hoffman as an organized crime kingpin with a penchant for kicking over tables, and Nick Nolte gets his twelfth shot at career redemption in the role of a broken-down Kentucky horse trainer given a second chance at redemption. Anyway, it looks great. Particularly the horse-racing scenes. The crew have found really inventive ways to get up in the action. Finally, we can feel the thrill of being a jockey without having to suffer the ridicule of being four-feet tall.


Batman Gives Bruce Wayne A Call

What? Isn't this how we all spend our Friday nights?? [post-album postid="211258" item="3"]Forget about David Mamet's Atlantic Acting School and all the other distinguished learning centers devoted to the craft of performance. Aspiring actors need look no further than this clip from the 1960's "Batman" television series for all the tools they'll need. Discovered on BuzzFeed, Adam West does what we all thought impossible. In a master performance, he conducts a phone conversation with himself as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. The only way this could be funnier is if he were in his Batman costume, or if it was Christian Bale growling at himself.


America's Homeless Got Talent

In an effort to determine if all homeless people are secretly hiding extraordinary talents, Break sent actor David Faustino out on the streets of Los Angeles to do a little scouting. In an effort to determine if all homeless people are secretly hiding extraordinary talents (a la homeless man turned internet sensation turned rehab patient Ted Williams Break sent actor David Faustino out on the streets of Los Angeles to do a little scouting. What he found may shock you. (Break)