'3 Days To Kill' Looks Like 'Ronin' With A Little Costner Sprinkled In

Kevin Costner...badass. Action movies are 40% more appealing when they take place in Europe. (CITATION NEEDED) They've got cool cars, narrow streets upon which to race those cars, girls with accents, Russians in black Range Rovers...the whole shebang. Three Days to Kill gets us all those things, and also Kevin Costner playing a badass. Following Hatfields and McCoys, I dare say Mr. Costner is enjoying something of a renaissance. Anyway, the lowdown on this film is that Costner's a secret service agent, and he's gotta complete a mission to get an experimental drug that could save his life. The drug wrecks him with hallucinations, and he's juggling family strife while doing it. It's like a more domestic Crank, except I'm somehow able to take it seriously. Way to go Mr. Costner, on returning to Dances with Wolves form, if that character drove Audis throughout Paris. Which he should have.