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2012 Starting Early: Justin Bieber and ‘Jersey Shore’ Team Up

To promote his upcoming movie Never Say Never, Justin Bieber is doing promos with “Jersey Shore” cast members The Situation and Pauly D. Above is the one with The Situation. This is sort of like looking at a pop culture Human Centipede, because they’re combining in horrific and unwatchable ways. Also, I get the impression from his acting that The Situation knows he’s shitting right into the audience’s mouth.

There’s one thing I do like about this team-up is that Justin Bieber and The Situation represent two opposite spectrums of the Awful-O-Meter. Bieber is formulaic, uninteresting and yet shoved down our collective throats, whereas The Situation is skeezy, retarded and yet shoved down our collective throats. I get a feeling these two will be a ticket in the 2060 election. (Popeater)

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