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‘1911’ Teaser Trailer: Jackie Chan’s 100th Film Is Nothing Like ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

Trying to decide whether you want to celebrate Jackie Chan‘s 100th movie or the 100th year anniversary of the Chinese Revolution? What if I said you could do both? I know, it sounds unlikely, but hear me out.

One Last 'Karate Kid' Trailer (Sans Karate)

Above is the teaser trailer for Chan’s next big movie, for which he stars and co-directs with Zhang Li. 1911 is a historical drama chronicling the Xinhai Revolution, which led to the formation of the Republic of China. From the trailer, the film looks gripping and powerful, though I hope Chan will throw in a few ridiculous falling-off-a-building stunts. Or something with a helicopter. Yeah, I know they didn’t have helicopters back then, but think of the fans. Ya gotta give the people what they want, even if it makes the movie terrible.

1911 revolts into theaters in America and China on September 26th, 2011. However, this looks to be a Japanese trailer, just to make things a little bit more confusing.

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