'13 'Bonnie And Clyde' Of Emile Hirsch And Holliday Grainger Shouldn't Be Confused With '03 Bonnie And Clyde Jay-Z And Beyonce

I really want to spoil the ending, but I won't. This time around, Bonnie and Clyde will be depicted in a mini-series, rather than a film or music video. They will also be a bit younger, as the casting would indicate. Lest you think an event of this magnitude can be shoehorned into just one channel on one night, YOU ARE DUMB. It's a four-hour, two part EVENT, that will air simultaneously on A&E, Lifetime, and History. Why Lifetime? Because Emile Hirsch and women hitting their sexual peak in their mid-40's, that's why.

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Emile Hirsch Battles Invisible Aliens In 'The Darkest Hour' Trailer

They're like weapons-toting ghosts. Well, this one's interesting. It's the first trailer for Chris Gorak's The Darkest Hour and it finds a clever way to not make the attacking aliens the same cliche insectoid design that we've seen so much of in recent years. It does so by not showing them at all. They are invisible aliens. Kind of like ghosts but with an organized agenda. And though it's just Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Rachael Taylor, Max Minghella, and Joel Kinnaman literally running away from nothing, it still looks pretty good. Definitely like the way that the aliens disintegrate their victims by pulling them into their force-fields. We've been discussing it here at Screen Junkies HQ and it doesn't seem like a bad way to go. Way better than drowning.


Full 'A Deadly Adoption' Trailer Nails The Lifetime Style

It actually looks like a bland and toothless thriller so congrats to all involved! The news that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig would be starring in an almost-below-the-radar Lifetime Original Movie was funny in and of itself. But now it seems that the casting is the only joke. The first full trailer for A Deadly Adoption plays it pretty straight, with the cast flexible their cheesy basic cable drama muscles instead of hamming it up for laughs. It actually looks like a bland and toothless thriller so congrats to all involved!


Earlier Reports Were Wrong, THIS Is The Greatest Event In Television History

Please inform neighbors and loved ones. Earlier reports that the Simon & Simon opening credits recreation starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm was The Greatest Event in Television History were incorrect. It is, in fact, this recreation of the Hart to Hart opening credit sequence starring beloved star Amy Poehler and working actor Scott that is The Greatest Event in Television History. I apologize for any previous confusions.


'The Greatest Event In Television History' Almost Lives Up To Its Name

Of course, it's Adult Swim, so you know there's no chance that they're not going to take the opportunity to screw with their audience. And honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. With all the build-up of the Adult Swim marketing machine, fans of both Cartoon Network and the countless stars attached to the project were expecting...something. And something is exactly what they got. If by "something," you meant a "shot-for-shot remake of the Simon & Simon opening credits but with Jon Hamm and Adam Scott in the lead roles." Just watch, ok?


The Beyonce/Jay-Z 'On The Run' Intro Video Has All Sorts Of Cinematic Influences

Because it's not a hip-hop show without overt references to old French cinema. Jay-Z and Beyonce, despite rumors that their marriage is just a showbusiness arrangement at this point (NO!), have been touring around all summer on the husband/wife On the Run tour, which will air on HBO later this month. Because Jay and Bey don't do things small, they had a short film introduction before they took the stage. And it was...something. It's a very cinematic, stylized piece that takes from the French and Sergio Leone more than it does any hip-hop influences. The whole thing sort of reads like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but with more Tarantino hallmarks in it. Better you watch it than listen to me go on about it. Should you be hungry for more, take solace in knowing that this is just the first installment. More will follow. Maybe with a Wes Craven or Nicholas Sparks feel to them.


Aubrey Plaza Admits The Grumpy Cat Xmas Special Is Best Viewed While Drunk

I watch everything while drunk. Just to be safe. In a move of genius casting, the deadpan, downer Aubrey Plaza was recruited as the voice of Grumpy Cat for the feline's Christmas special Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever on Lifetime. Plaza encouraged Jimmy Kimmel, then his audience, to knock back a few glasses of wine before viewing, saying about the program, "It's really the weirdest thing I've ever seen — it's so confusing," SOLD! I don't think anyone expected the special to be GOOD, so it might as well be weird and confusing to pique our interest. I mean, I wouldn't expect Aubrey Plaza to jump on to a regular ole' Xmas special. Unless they paid her a bunch. Which they almost certainly did. Grumpy Cat comes to your living room (not literally) on November 29th on Lifetime.


Grumpy Cat's A Real B-Word In Trailer For 'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever'

Why do you push people away, Grumpy Cat? Lifetime has come a long way from movies about women trying to get not murdered, and are now dipping their toes into what's trending with the kids. Will Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever be a success? On the one hand, it looks like they spent most of the budget on Aubrey Plaza. On the other hand, Grumpy Cat fires an automatic paintball gun at mall robbers. Like Christopher Walken in the preview for Peter Pan Live!, Grumpy Cat actually looks ashamed to be a part of this. What happened to you, Grumpy? You used to stand for something.


The Trailer For 'God Bless America' Looks Like My Dream Journal

This is the most excited we've been about a film directed by a man named "Bobcat." If you think you've had it up to here with the vapid celebrity culture in the US, the trailer for God Bless America demonstrates that you might have a ways to go. From the warped mind of Bobcat Goldthwait (yup, he's a director now...check out World's Greatest Dad), comes this film which follows a man who can't take the stupidity anymore, and, in an effort to fend off an Idiocracy-like culture, goes on a killing spree. Ok, Bobcat. You've got our interest. In the film, a pitch-black comedy, a man is driven to suicide by both the state of the world and his own life, only to find that perhaps he could serve a higher purpose by dispatching those who dumb down pop culture to near-clinical levels. He finds a tweenage girl to serve as the Bonnie to his Clyde as he goes around clearing the streets and airwaves of the dregs of America. Well done, Bobcat. Well done. The film hits OnDemand on April 6 and theaters May 11.