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10 Other Movie Characters That Should Be Band Names, Besides Veruca Salt

By Jeff Finkle

You know ’90s nostalgia is exploding when the Volcano Girls themselves, alternative rock band Veruca Salt, go on a reunion tour. After breaking up in 1998 due to personal differences between singer-songwriters Louise Post and Nina Gordon, the duo put the original band back together this year, and even have a new album coming out. Their hit song “Seether” was one of the biggest hits of the ’90s but the band’s true genius was in naming themselves after the bratty girl from the unforgettable Roald Dahl book and the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Here are ten more classic film characters and the fictional bands that could have taken their names.

10. Cameron Frye (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

“Frye. Frye. Frye…” There’s nothing that gets rock fans riled up before a show than the recorded voice of Ben Stein being blasted from the speakers before the band emerges onto the stage to kick ass. Of course, this band has to be coaxed into getting out of bed that morning by their cool friend Ferris (or possibly a member of the band Save Ferris.) You’re sure to have the best day ever when you go see Cameron Frye perform and you might just learn something about yourself along the way. If you have to make a phony phone call to get out of work, do it. Cameron Frye is worth it. They are so choice.

You’ll feel the energy and the rage when you pump your fist to the Cameron Frye classic “Take a Stand.” You just might want to wait a few days before you call your father.

9. Vada Sultenfuss (My Girl)

Who wouldn’t want to be taken back to a time when it was OK to wear overalls, and riding a Schwinn bike took you across your whole world. Get ready to get lost in the guitar riffs of a band whose ‘70s sound is inspired by both the Allman Brothers and the Osmond Brothers. Vada Sultenfuss will knock you out of your doldrums with their groovy sound and lyrics so deep you’ll swear the singer/songwriter took Mr. Bixler’s class on poetry.

Grab your cell phones and pretend they’re lighters because when Vada Sultenfuss jams out to “An Ode to Thomas J.” you might get so emotional that you’ll wish you could run home and hug your comatose grandma.

8. Josey Wales (The Outlaw Josey Wales)

Josey Wales might sound like a perfect name for a pop group with a female guitarist but these male indie rockers (and fans of Clint Eastwood’s iconic western hero) made music history with a name that puts fear in the heart of weak-willed men. The only excuse a fan has for missing a live performance from Josie Wales is if you get stuck on a Missouri Boat Ride.

Prepare to walk tall and gaze at folks with a steely determination after hearing the Josie Wales ballad “Dyin’ Ain’t No Way to Make a Livin’.”

7.  Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw the film Pulp Fiction, and who doesn’t remember the first time they heard the album Say What Again! by the band Jules Winnfield? They might have a Chili Peppers funk rock sound but this band is cooler than Fonzie and way more philosophical than the Peppers. You might have to fight the urge to walk the Earth when you listen to the music of Jules Winnfield because the experience is like a Big Kahuna Burger for your soul.

Listen to the track “Ezekiel 25:17” from their debut album and it will surely put you on the path of the righteous man.

6. Garth (Wayne’s World)

You’re not worthy to experience the hard rock power guitar riffs and amazing drum solos of Garth. Even the legendary Alice Cooper would bow down to their awesomeness, and Garth makes Gwar look like Maroon 5. They might be named after the ultimate sidekick but they would surely be the lead act at Waynestock. So grab your red rope licorice and your best friend and head out of your parents’ basement because Garth is coming to your town and they like to play.

Point yourself towards a real babe and get ready to “Schwing” when the band Garth plays the song of the same name. You might get lucky or at least feel like when you used to climb the rope in gym class.

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