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‘Red Riding Hood’ Looks Even ‘Twilight’-ier With New Trailer

If I told you that Catherine Hardwicke directed a gothish movie about a teenage girl whose raging hormones get her mixed up with a violent werewolf man, you’d probably say, “that’s not news, dude. Twilight already happened and I refuse to see it, unless it comes on HBO or something, where I’d watch it for, like, 20 minutes and then decide it’s terrible.” Well, check this out: I’m talking about Hardwicke’s new movie Red Riding Hood.

Mind. Blown.

After watching the new trailer for Red Riding Hood above, the film doesn’t just seem reminiscent of Twilight. It is Twilight. The black and white backgrounds with red text, teens having sex and getting violent with each other, mythical monsters, desaturated colors with a lot of slow-mo, two men she must choose between… If Edward Cullen pops in and ties the universes together, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

Yeah, I’ll take the old cartoon version wher Red Riding Hood is hot, but not in a pedophiliac way. The wolves are way awesomer too, cause they have mallets.

Red Riding Hood skips into theaters on March 11. (Collider)

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