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¡A Preview Clip For ‘¡Rob!’! ¡Terrific News!

After viewing this preview for the upcoming CBS sitcom ¡Rob!, I have come to the conclusion that a bad project can be made 74% better with the presence of Rob Schneider. Not “Grown Ups bad,” mind you, as that project was beyond help, but Deuce Bigalow, The Hot Chick, and now, ¡Rob!, a show based on Rob Schnieder’s actual life adapting to and living with his Mexican wife’s family.

Ole. Excuse me…¡Ole! 

Beyond the somewhat novel (but not really) premise, we’ve got disapproving in-laws, PG-rated sex gags, and an exploded piñata of wacky misunderstandings. It’s your basic CBS sitcom, but with Rob Schneider, which, as we established, makes it 74% better.

But will that make it good enough to watch?


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