I found Zachary Levi in the star-studded crowd at NBC’s party for the Television Critics Association earlier this month. He was posing for pictures with the cast of “Community,” and “Perfect Couples” star Olivia Munn who’d guest starred on his show "Chuck." I got my private time with Levi, but as “Chuck” fans know, he wasn’t giving up any spoilers. He still had some things to share about the new episodes.

Q: What are you excited about for “Chuck?”

ZL: Oh, it’s just a lot of the same. A lot of the same fun missions that we go on and defeating evil bad guys. More comedy, more drama, all that same stuff.

Q: Are you surprised where the story has gone?

ZL: I guess. Kind of. You always wonder where they’re going to go with the next season. I certainly had no idea where we would end up or that we would even end up with a fourth season, but here we are. We’re still around and still coming to these little fun deals.

Q: Has the show become a well oiled machine?

ZL: Yeah, it’s certainly more well oiled than it was when we started but that’s with any show. You start a show, you’re finding your feet, you’re finding the tone and just with the crew, finding how to shoot it, how to capture all that. Then you really get into a groove. Days aren’t as long anymore, which is nice and everyone’s kind of more cohesive. We’re still shooting long days. It’s still hard work.

Q: What funny stuff is coming up?

ZL: I got to do a fun wire gag where I’m dangling on this wire and shooting some bad guys. That was pretty fun. It was like kind of the epitome of the show, action and comedy combined. It was fun.

Q: Do you have much to do with the new baby?

ZL: No, not much so far. It’s tough scheduling the babies. It’s brought a whole new dynamic to the show for sure but they’ve been smart about it, not scheduled too much of it. I have met the babies and they’re adorable. I mean baby but played by twins.

Q: How much emphasis has there been on the family?

ZL: There’s always a lot of emphasis on it. It’s kind of the grounding of the show. Sarah Lancaster’s character, Ellie, my sister, she’s the heart. She’s so much of the heart of the show and keeps it grounded so family is always what brings Chuck back into the real world, family and friends. So there’s a lot of emphasis on it.

Q: On Twitter, how many @mentions do you get?

ZL: Gosh, I don't know. A lot. It depends. They kind of ebb and flow. It depends on what time of the day, because Twitter’s global. If you hit it at the right time when there’s a lot of people up in the world that follow you, then you get a lot more. If you tweet at another time of the day and everyone in the Philippines is asleep then maybe you don’t get as many. But Twitter’s an amazing little tool, man. It’s a really cool way to stay in touch with fans. I like it.

Q: Do you try to keep the tweets non-“Chuck” related?

ZL: Yeah, contractually. I can talk about “Chuck.” I’m not even sure if I can talk about it. It’s funny how legalities have worked out how they have in the last few years with Twitter and set pictures and stuff like that. Look, fans of the show are going to watch the show. They don’t need me to tweet about the show. I try to tweet about other things like my brand, TheNerdMachine.com, just random life things. I think that’s what fans are ultimately kind of fascinated with anyway. That’s why gossip rags sell the way that they do. They want a little insight into your life and I’m happy to give that, especially when you have control over it and you can say, “I’ll show you this little bit of me. I’ll show you this bit of me.”

“Chuck” is back in the new year with new episodes, Mondays at 8 on NBC.