You Won’t Be Binge-Watching ‘Community’ On Yahoo

Friday, July 25 by
These characters will be rationed out over four months.  

For a show that basically lived on the verge of being cancelled, Community┬ásure does take up a disproportionately high percentage of entertainment news. For instance, in addition to the “Will it get cancelled/Will it be brought back?” stories, we’ve also got things like this:

Community will not be released all at once, as is normally the M.O. with original series on streaming services. Rather, Yahoo Screen will offer up the show once a week, for 13 weeks. To let us know who’s boss.

If that wasn’t already brutal enough to your instant gratification desires, the show also won’t be popping up until around Christmas-time, so take a few months to go outside, take a walk, maybe interact with some people face to face.

Or just stick around your computer and watch Community get cancelled and brought back like 15 times between now and then.

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