Can we talk streaming video services for a minute? LET'S TALK STREAMING VIDEO SERVICES FOR A MINUTE. Amazon Prime announced today that they will offer the vast majority of HBO's shows to its subscribers. This is a real game-changer, because it used to be that the only way before that you could watch HBO shows was to:

  • Watch them live on network HBO

  • Watch them DVR'd from network HBO

  • Watch them on HBO Go using your subscription

  • Watch them on HBO Go using your friends' subscriptions

  • Order the DVDs of the shows from Netflix

  • Torrent them any time you feel like it

Huh. So I guess this is only a game changer if you fall in the overlap of the Venn diagram circles "honest people" and "people without an HBO subscription or Netflix DVD account."

Well, anyway, you can watch them on Prime now. So congrats to the 14 people who had a Prime subscription, but didn't have access to HBO through legit or illegal means.

It's your special day.