Or maybe you would. There's no accounting for taste, especially in the world of Breaking Bad fandom. Jesse Pinkman's 1984 Toyota Tercel is for sale on the lot of an Albuquerque, New Mexico car lot, though the car can't actually be sold until after the series finale, due to a lease agreement.

I wonder how much that lease agreement was for when it was signed, considering the car's blue book value is in the realm of $500. Of course, that's assuming that it's not a cultural icon (somewhat), so you can expect fans to offer bids substantially above market value.

But then what do they do? Do you drive this around, having to explain to everyone that you're not down on your luck, but rather can afford to buy frivolous memorabilia from films? That sounds like a lot of effort, and you'll end up sounding like a jerk.

Can't they just give this thing to the Smithsonian and be done with it?