You A Fan Of ‘Psych’? Not Anymore, You’re Not. It’s Cancelled.

Wednesday, February 5 by
How crazy would it be if these guys were friends in real life? I know, right? 

USA giveth stylized crime dramedies, and USA taketh away stylized crime dramedies. After eight seasons of solving innocuous crimes in a similarly pleasant beach town, the characters of Psych must hang up their quirks, because the show has been cancelled.

The finale will air March 26th, which is a very bizarre thing to start planning for, but whatever. It’s your life. The finale will be followed by a one-hour Q&A with the series creator, casting doubt on my theory that the show just sort of manifested from the positive thinking of receptionists and grandparents.

With a run of 121 episodes, series creator Steve Franks promised that the finale will satisfyingly tie up all loose ends, with the quiet implication being that he has to go the writers room to script some ends to tie up.

Bye, Psych. There were a lot of shows running that were just dumb, pleasant timekillers. You were one of them. Be proud of that.


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