In news that we're assuming will probably upset someone somewhere (certainly the people the show employed, at least), X Factor has been pulled from Fox's lineup, leaving the world with only The Voice and American Idol to present to them aspiring singers performing familiar songs.

The move seemed imminent, as the one constant judge on the show, Simon Cowell, announced his intention of leaving for the British version, essentially pulling any star power the show had.

What dos this mean for you, the Screen Junkie reader?

Well, if you have Simon Cowell, you'll be delighted to know that not only will he not be on American TV any more, but he's flat-out leaving the country. If you're a Destiny's Child fan (and who isn't, really?) you'l be excited to know that this news should free up Kelly Rowland to step up her texting efforts to Beyonce regarding a reunion.

"Hey Bey - DC reunion this summer? Let's get our Bonnaroo on, girl!!!! :)"

And so on.