World War I may have been surpassed in the eyes of the audience by its bigger sequel, but it has a lot of entertaining qualities in its own right. Trench warfare, mustard gas, pointy helmets - WWI has got it all. And the suits over at Home Box Office must agree, because they've given a miniseries about WWI called "Parade's End." It's set to star the fantastically named Benedict Cumberbatch and the less fantastically named Rebecca Hall. In case you're not already sold, here's a plot synopsis:
"'Parade's End' is based on the series of four books by British novelist Ford Madox Ford, which were published between 1924-28. Set against the backdrop of World War I, it tells the story of a complex and destructive love triangle among a conservative English aristocrat (Cumberbatch), his beautiful but cruel socialite wife (Hall), and a vibrant young suffragette."

[post-album postid="211293" item="1"]Set to direct is Susanna White, who also worked on the HBO miniseries "Generation Kill." WWI: It's not your grandfather's war. (Deadline)