Frank Darabont understands how zombie synergies work. Take one of the hottest shows on TV and leverage that show with a director that cut his teeth on a beloved zombie film (Shaun of the Dead) that would best be described as "cult" if it wasn't so damn popular. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like it's going to happen. Wright conveyed to Collider that he was honored to be asked to helm an episode of"The Walking Dead," but weaseled his way out of the opportunity by claiming that "I wouldn’t wanna be the guy that comes in and fucks it up." We wouldn't want that either, Edgar, but that probably wouldn't happen (though this pairing seems a little too "on the nose" to really get excited about). There's a decent chance that Wright didn't want to be thought of as a "zombie guy," so he's taking his talents to other projects, which is pretty understandable. Also, Wright doesn't strike me as much of a hired gun, and "The Walking Dead" will always be Darabont's baby. It's interesting to see Darabont reaching out to others in the wake of some criticism over season 1. Whether or not this is indicative of a genuine effort to get some new blood on the show or just a marketing gimmick remains to be seen, but either way, when you plant the seed of Edgar Wright working on a zombie show, you'll accomplish the latter incidentally.