The first image of Wonder Woman has been released, and it's the sexiest Wonder Woman costume ever, but that's not saying much. The pants are a drastic improvement on the unflattering Daisy Dukes that Lynda Carter was rocking. The top is breast-y and shiny, which are my two favorite qualities in a top, so kudos there.

However, the Wonder Woman package still makes Adrianne Palicki appear less attractive than she actually is. The cuffs, headband, and action-figure poses that come part and parcel with Wonder Woman always represent a step backwards.

To prove my point, let's compare the photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman with a photo of Adrianne Palicki as Adrianne Palicki.

...and Palicki as a regular hot chick:

Everyone involved with "Wonder Woman" should be thrown in jail. (i09)