A lasso that works like a lie detector? A plane that's invisible, but doesn't make the pilot invisible? There's a lot of lame elements to Wonder Woman, and if anyone knows about lame superhero shows, it's NBC. "Heroes" eventually became the worst show on television, and I haven't seen "The Cape," but it's called "The Cape," and that's a really generic dumb-dumb name.

So it's no surprise that NBC ultimately decided to greenlight producer David E. Kelley's new "Wonder Woman" show after all. However, this isn't another campy, Lynda-Carter-sure-had-awesome-cleavage version. We're told the show takes itself seriously, but I'm not sure how seriously I can take any superhero with bullet-deflecting bracelets. Don't know if you've heard, but Superman can deflect bullets with his skin. Wonder Woman does it by accessorizing. I guess chicks need terrible superhero shows too. (ComingSoon.net)