Will Ferrell joined “The Office” for Steve Carell’s final three episodes. Now it’s time for him to pack up and go too. The remaining episodes for this season will remove Deangelo Vickers (Ferrell) and make room for even more A-list guest stars.

“It becomes apparent that as bad a boss as Michael Scott seemed at times, my character is 10 times worse,” Ferrell said on Friday at a press conference for his upcoming film Everything Must Go. “He’s a terrible salesperson and he’s oddly conceited at times.”

There are certainly lots of fans who would have liked to see Rainn Wilson take the lead. Dwight fans will get a taste of what a Wilson-starring “The Office” might be like. “There’s an episode coming up very soon called ‘Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager,’” Wilson said at his press junket for the movie Hesher. “For one episode, Dwight gets to be manager and it’s very funny. He does have a pet piranha in his office.”

Wilson said he shot scenes with guest star James Spader, but was not involved with any of Jim Carrey’s scenes. He is meeting with the writers to discuss next season though. “Now we’ve just got to figure out what season eight’s all about,” Wilson said. “I’m actually going in later this week to meet with the writers and try to talk to them about it. It’s really mostly up to them but I’ll put in my two cents and see where they’re at and stuff like that.”

As Ferrell departs his month-long legacy at Dunder Mifflin, he’s happy to see what Carrey and Spader will do in his place. “I think it’s great,” Ferrell said. “I think it’s really a credit to Steve that everyone wants to be a part of this storytelling. I thought the episode last night [April 28] was so well done. That was the show at its best in terms of being funny, being poignant. I think he’s been nominated every year for an Emmy and hasn’t won it. If he doesn’t win this year, it’s kind of a travesty. But if I win, it would be less. I hope he wins. He really should. He’s so good.”

“The Office” airs Thursday nights on NBC.