Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, And Amy Sedaris Will Star In A Netflix Animated Series

Thursday, December 12 by

Let me immediately dash your hopes by informing you that it’s not a Mr. Bananagrabber adaptation. Rather, it will be a series called BoJack Horseman, which is a pretty odd name. Arnett will star as a horse with a drinking problem. And of course, that horse is the former star of a 90’s sitcom called Horsin’ Around. Aaron Paul will play his human sidekick, and Amy Sedaris will play his feline agent and former lover, naturally.

Yes, really.

The 12-episode series follows Mr. Horseman (BoJack, if you will) as he tries to break back into showbiz. In usual Netflix instant-gratification style, all 12 episodes will be made available at once sometime later next year.


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