With three big releases hitting theaters today, there's no shortage of options at the box-office. Unfortunately, of those three releases, only one is getting anything approaching positive reviews. I hope you're in the mood for a romantic comedy, because if you're not, be prepared to watch a less than stellar film.
So, what's playing this weekend?

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Steve Carell stars as a man in his 40's who is blindsided by a divorce. Sounds romantic.

[post-video postid="205618"]The film also stars Emma Stone, which makes it instantly more appealing.
Best Review
Constructed with such professionalism and inhabited by such warm characters that even its cliche moments are easily forgiven...
John Beifuss - Commercial Appeal
Worst Review
Crazy, Stupid, Phony
James Verniere - Boston Herald
Our Recommendation
I'm not big fan of romantic comedies, but if you are forced to see one, you can do a lot worse that this. It's currently pulling in 74% at Rotten Tomatoes. Add Emma Stone's ass (or eyes) to the mix, and you've got an exteremly watchable film.

The Smurfs

The Smurfs are back, and they're better than ever. And by better, I mean much, much worse.

[post-video postid="213608"]Honestly, did you really think this was going to be any good?
Best Review
Adorable and annoying, patently unnecessary yet kinda sweet, it's a calculated commercial enterprise with little soul but an appreciable amount of heart.
Justin Chang - Variety
Worst Review
I wouldn't smurf Gosnell's 'The Smurfs' on my smurfiest enemy.
Sean O'Connell - Washington Post
Our Recommendation
If the idea of the Smurfs traveling to the real world appeals to you, by all means, check out this film. If you are parents forced to sit through this dreck, my sympathies.

Cowboys & Aliens

In case you have trouble taking things literally, this film is about a group of cowboys who encounter a group of space aliens, just like the title implies.

[post-video postid="215833"] Any film with both James Bond and Han Solo can't be all bad, right? Wrong.
Best Review
Alien-invasion aficionados should be pleased. Western nostalgists may be pleasantly surprised. Fans of cowboys-versus-aliens movies, well, it's been a long wait and here's your movie.
Michael Phillips - Chicago Tribune
Worst Review
The mash-up on cowboys and aliens doesn't do either camp any favors. How are we supposed to work up a rooting interest when both sides are shooting blanks?
Peter Travers - Rolling Stone
Our Recommendation
With a 44% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes, Cowboys and Aliens doesn't seem to be impressing a whole lot of critics. You're probably better off re-watching Blade Runner or Casino Royale than you are plunking down $12 to see this mess.