What Crappy Gossip Girl Character R U?

Tuesday, September 15 by
We here at Screen Junkies are aaaalllll about Gossip Girl. Big time. Like, completely into it. (That’s the show with sparkling vampires, right?)
Take our definitive quiz to see which of the show’s character you are.

1.) How important is fashion to you?

A.) I wear boys’ clothing.
B.) My outfits cost enough to feed eight Kenyan shanty towns.
C.) I’ll wear anything that shows off my balls.
D.) I pretend not to think about it.
E.) I will cut your eyes out with a torn Coke can if it means looking good.
F.) I could wear a potato sack and still steal your girlfriend.

2.) Is status important to you?

A.) Not really. Been there, done that.
B.) I blow my rape whistle if a poor person so much as breathes in my direction.
C.) Immensely.
D.) I pretend not to think about it.
E.) I would get into a locked vehicle with Chris Brown if it helped my popularity.
F.) I pull a Kanye if I’m ignored.

3.) Who is your best friend?

A.) A vapid over-achiever.
B.) The girl everyone wants.
C.) Amyl nitrate.
D.) My poetry, man.
E.) The only person I can trust.
F.) My Teen Choice Awards.

4.) What is your darkest secret?

A.) I banged a guy I shouldn’t have.
B.) I murder homeless people just so I can feel… something.
C.) I banged a guy I shouldn’t have.
D.) I once thought about shoplifting.
E.) I made a blood sacrifice to the Dark Lord in order to gain popularity.
F.) I just sharted.

5.) The weekend is here. What do you do to unwind?

A.) Blow.
B.) Blow.
C.) Blow dudes.
D.) Chai tea.
E.) Blow.
F.) Blow with Drew Barrymore.

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