Better Call Saul is underway in New Mexico, meaning that it's likely that the proposed November premiere date is attainable and realistic, which in turn means that this isn't some cruel hoax dreamt up by AMC and Vince Gilligan to taunt us with a return to the Breaking Bad universe.

So we've got the script pic, and a pic of a skatepark.


I dunno. Maybe the script is so weak that they've turned to a Bam Margera skateboarding cameo in the first episode. If so, ick. But more than likely, Saul will just be dicking around at some skatepark with the scum of the earth.

Or maybe they take the sitcom route, and that Huell and Saul are good friends until one day Saul bets Huell that Huell can't land a 540 fakie McTwist. Huell comes up a bit short on the landing, and because he lost the bet, he now has to be Saul's henchman.

Or whatever. Here's the pic:

[caption id="attachment_261988" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="THIS MEANS SOMETHING."]