Tired of all the disrespectful young bucks populating the airwaves, the infamous "Fear Factor" is returning to claim the title of "show that people use as an example of how stupid TV is." This decision is probably based, at least in part, on the fact that "Fear Factor" reruns are apparently doing well on the NBC sister cable network Chiller, which specializes in programming designed to chill you right down to the bull testicles. Here's NBC's "head of alternative programming Paul Telegdy on why fear is a factor for them:
"No one has come close to doing what they've done on that show. You go back and they've stood the test of time. It always had this incredible spectacle to it."

No premiere date has been set, but they are looking for teams of two in the LA area. Don't forget to mention Screen Junkies if you make it on the show. (Reality Blurred)