We’ll Miss You BSG Weekend TV Preview

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While the series finale of Battlestar Galacica may not come with such a hullabaloo as did with the Seinfeld finale, ScreenJunkies can whole heartedly gurantee you it will be a 100x more satisfying send-off. Is BSG one of the best shows in TV history? So get all your nerdlinger buddies over and throw a big viewing party with Battlestar Bento and Battlestar Cocktails and get Battlestar Drunk. BE WARNED–If you have to record it on your DVR, remember that the finale is 2 HRS and 11 MINUTES LONG. All your other favorites on schedule too (FNL, T:TSCC, BB), but dammit, if you have to watch anything this weekend, make sure it’s Battlestar. Your preview after the break.

Battlestar Galactica 10/9c on SciFi

Last week was Part 1 of ‘Daybreak,’ where Adama calls for a volunteers for a final mission. Tonight, IN THE FINAL 2 HR and 11 MIN BATTLESTAR EPISODE!!! Adama and the volunteers take the Galactica to Cavil’s base in a bid to recover Hera.

Check out the Galactica Sitrep for more BSG goodies

Friday Night Lights 9/8c on NBC

Last week, Tim returned to Dillon to find a depressed Billy; Eric planned a surprise for Tami’s birthday; Tyra begun to regret leaving Cash; Matt’s mom and grandmother clashed; and Lyla and Mindy commiserated over dating the Riggins bros. Tonight, Joe asks J.D. to postpone dating to concentrate on football; Buddy’s financial problems affect Lyla; Eric makes a shocking discovery; and Landry tires of Tyra’s selfish behavior.

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles 8/7c on FOX

Last week was Part 1 of ‘Today is the Day,’ where Sarah and John planned to vacate their home while Jesse recalled a life-changing mission on the Jimmy Carte submarine. Tonight, concludes ‘Today is the Day’, in which Jesse’s submarine mission in the future impacts John, Sarah and Derek in the present; Sarah reckons with Cameron; John makes a pivotal decision.



Breaking Bad 10/9c on AMC

Last week, trying to disassociate themselves from the volatile Tuco took a bad turn when Walt and Jesse got trapped with the dealer. Tonight, Walt and Jesse attempt to cover their tracks and distance themselves from Tuco, but they soon find that business is taking a hit along with their financial situation.

Late Show Round-Up

—Listed Below From Best to Worst—

Jimmy Fallon 1235/1135c NBC

Jason Segel, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dan Rollman and Cory Henderson

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

[REPEAT] Jack Black, Conor Oberst

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Seth Rogen, Guy Fieri, Chris Cornell

Jimmy Kimmel 1205/1105c ABC

Portia de Rossi, Melissa Rycroft, Motley Crue

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS 

David Spade, Richard Zoglin, David Sanborn with Sam Moore


—no new Conan until June 1st :(

Have a Tremendously Ridiculous Weekend– Screenjunkies.com

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