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Good news for you Dillon loving, TV tackling FNL fanatics–NBC has renewed the show for another 26 episodes! Now more than ever, you need to catch up with the show that has it all; babes, football, more babes, believable drama, and straight up no-nonsense rural Texas. Round the rest of your weekend out with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which is on it’s 2nd to last episode), some more sporting action with the Final Four on Saturday, and another episode of the constantly percolating breaking Bad  on Sunday. Your weekend TV preview after the break.

Friday Night Lights 9/8c on NBC

Last week, Matt’s grandma had an accident; Tyra went to Landry for support; the team was endangered by a new development; Tim saw new changes in Lyla; and J.D. and Joe continued to clash. Tonight, the team prepares for tough opponents; the Taylors make a decision about the McCoys; Tyra writes her college essay with help from Landry; Matt frets over telling his grandma about his plan for college; and Lyla moves out of Tim’s house.

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles 8/7c on FOX

Last week John hid in a safe house with Charley Dixon while Sarah believed her life is in danger. Tonight, John pursues a Skynet target, and gets close to Weaver; Ellison reunites with Sarah after plans change; Weaver uncovers secrets about Ellison.


NCAA Final Four 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern on CBS

Connecticut Vs. Michigan State, and North Carolina Vs Villanova in the Final Four in Detroit. (Steve Bennetts Extremely Dependable Big $$$ Pick—>UNC…duh)



Breaking Bad 10/9c on AMC

Last week, despite Walt’s attemps to reconnect with his family, a suspicious Skyler kept him at arm’s length and worried about what he’s been up to while he’s been out of the house. Tonight, Hank deals with some lingering aftereffects from his confrontation with Tuco; bills are piling up at the White house and tensions are beginning to run high; Jesse organizes a crew of dealers to take their product to the streets.

Late Show Round-Up

—Listed Below From Best to Worst—

Jimmy Fallon 1235/1135c NBC

Lauren Graham, Judah Friedlander, Cold War Kids

Jimmy Kimmel 1205/1105c ABC

Ben Affleck, Lily Allen

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

Zooey Deschanel, Lance Krall

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS 

Dennis Leary, Diana Krall

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Miley Cyrus, Tom Lennon



—no new Conan until June 1st :(

Have a Tremendous Weekend– Screenjunkies.com

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