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Look at this glorious beast…Besides hunting your children and howling at the moon, the Yellowstone Wolf struggles for life in Yellowstone National Park amongst harsh conditions. Discovery has an Planet Earth-like series following this noble creature as it dodges geysers, battles bears for buffalo meat and survives in one of the last great pieces of vast wilderness. Video of a wolf/bear battle, a gas tanker exploding, and previews of Dollhouse and Breaking Bad after the jump.


Dollhouse 9/8c on FOX

Last week, after a friend of Adelle’s is slain, Adelle has Echo programmed with the dead woman’s memories and personality in order to find the killer. In other events, Ballard investigates Mellie’s past and Topher imprints Sierra for a secret engagement. Tonight, Alan Tudyk guest stars as the Dollhouse designer, who finds himself the focus of Ballard’s investigation. Meanwhile, Echo helps a young girl cope with her painful past; Adelle searches the attic for answers; and Alpha reveals himself.

Explosions Gone Wrong 10/9c on Discovery

Footage of catastrophic explosions include gas stations, tanker trucks, rocket failures and fuel tankers.


Breaking Bad 10/9c on AMC

Last week, Badger’s brush with the law lead Walt and Jesse to call in a shady lawyer (Bob Odenkirk); the DEA believed it has a line on the mysterious and elusive "Heisenberg"; Hank’s stint in El Paso was up and he returns to Albuquerque, but his mental makeup caused concern for Marie. Tonight, after undergoing a PET-CAT scan and fearing the worst, Walt takes lawyer Saul’s advice and hunkers down for a marathon session of cooking product; Jesse’s romance with his landlady is heating up, but must cool off quickly when he and Walt head for the desert to take care of business.

Yellowstone: Tales From the Wild on Discovery 9/8c

A three part series following the intertwined lives of wolves, grizzlies, buffalo, and antelope in Yellowstone National Park.

Late Show Round-Up

—Listed Below From Best to Worst—

Jimmy Fallon 1235/1135c NBC

Lauren Graham, Judah Friedlander, Cold War Kids

Letterman 1135/1035c NBC

Kiefer Sutherland, Jim Norton, Bat for Lashes

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Arsenio Hall, Jules Sylvester and Reptiles, Ziggy Marley

Jimmy Kimmel 1205/1105c ABC

Matthew McConaughey, Kara DioGuardi, Jason Aldean

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

Ryan Reynolds, Ricky Hatton



—no new Conan until June 1st :(

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