We Still Haven’t Gotten Around To Burying ‘The Jeffersons’ Star Sherman Hemsley

Tuesday, October 30 by
Should I ask if I can crash in his plot for a few days until my rent check clears, or would that be tacky? 

You know how there just aren’t enough hours in the day? To do things like go get stamps, get a pair of pants hemmed, or bury 70’s sitcom stars?

Well, the loved ones of Sherman Hemsley know how that shit goes, as it’s been over three months, and the actor hasn’t been yet laid to rest due to a dispute between his former manager and his “live-in best friend,” Flora Enchinton.

If we could stop the article here for a moment and discuss what a live-in best friend of the opposite sex is, that would be terrific. It’s clearly not a girlfriend, because the writer of this story (and presumably a source upstream from him or her) is doing verbal gymnastics to avoid calling this Flora woman Sherman’s girlfriend. It sounds like a Will & Grace-type situation. Maybe she was really annoying, and Sherman wanted to stop just short of calling her his girlfriend to manage her expectations.

Or maybe, just maybe, she was actually his live-in best friend of the opposite sex who doesn’t appreciate snippy writers pondering her private relationships as she eagerly waits to bury her best friend.

(I’m guessing that it’s the Will & Grace thing, personally.)

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