It hasn't escaped most people's attention that the casts of Family Guy and The Simpsons match up pretty well. Suspiciously well, actually. Except for Chris from Family Guy. I guess he's the Maggie of the bunch? Whatever.

Well, we're not only going to see how the casts match up, but interact with the upcoming Family Guy episode that takes the Quahog gang to Springfield. No details are really forthcoming, but we can probably guess that everyone hangs out together and has a nice time.

We can also guess that the Family Guy writers have probably toned down this episode in light of their guest stars, since the Simpsons are generally a nicer, happier lot than the Griffins.

In case you were thinking there would be a smattering of Springfield locals popping up...we have some bad news. Only the voice actors playing the family members are slated to pop up. No Lou. No Frink, and worst of all, no sarcastic shop owner guy.