After decades spent annoying people who just want to watch football in peace, Hank Williams Jr. has finally been fired by ESPN after comparing President Obama to Hitler. Looks like I'm voting Obama. Hell, I'd vote for Hitler if it would keep Hank Williams Jr. off my television.

In an interview with Fox News' Fox & Friends (insert your own Hitler joke), the country singer compared the President's recent golf outing with House Speaker John Boehner to "Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu." For those of you who are stupid, Netanyahu is Jewish, so he wouldn't want to play golf with Hitler. Get it?

In all fairness to Bocephus, it doesn't sound like he was making a literal comparison between Obama and a man who gassed million upon millions of people, but was simply trying to imply that Boehner and Obama are polar opposites. But either way, at least I'll never have to hear that stupid sh*t-kicking Monday Night Football song ever again.

So, do you think it was fair to fire Hank Williams Jr., or are you some sort of Hitler lover?