There's a reason to keep watching "The Office," even though Steve Carrell is gone, and that reason is… somewhat interesting celebrities. So, now all the producers have to do is load every episode next season with 6-7 celebrities and they'll be good to go.

Billionaire tycoon Warren Buffett joins the never-ending famous person parade that is"The Office" season finale. Other celebrities making a cameo-or-greater on the episode include Jim Carrey, Ray Romano, Catherine Tate, Will Arnett, James Spader and Ricky Gervais. They're all interviewing for the coveted position of Scranton branch manager for the paper company Dunder Mifflin. This just goes to show you, if you work hard enough, and become famous enough, you too can interview to become the head of the small Pennsylvania off-shoot of a poorly managed paper company.

The almost-an-hour-long "Office" season finale airs May 20th. (Variety)