Charlie Sheen had a cooler weekend than you, and now his bosses at Warner Brothers and CBS are worried he's not going to show up to work on "Two and a Half Men." The story according to Deadline is that Sheen, described in the article as a "functioning addict" (but oh, what functions!), returned from holiday hiatus looking visibly different, with one source saying he was 25 pounds lighter. This new, reduced Sheen was apparently more alarming than ever, so the studios redoubled their efforts to shut down the show and get Sheen into a rehab facility. Anyway, this weekend was another classic Sheen, but this is just one more incident for Sheen, whose reputation as a hellraiser is well-earned, and his bosses being concerned for his well-being is nothing new. But after his wild weekend in Vegas their concern has been renewed, and Sheen has recently skipped out on at least one meeting with his bosses at WB and CBS.

It is still possible that Sheen will show up to work this morning and continue his work as presumably one of the "men" in "Two and a Half Men," but the fact remains that his refusing to get help for his addiction is becoming more and more of a problem for him and the people he works with. Then again, drinking alcohol is really fun. Might be a toss-up.