AMC is making a mockery out of the election. But not nearly as much as Sarah Palin did.

The network has been in a standoff with cable provider, Dish Network, since they were blacked out in early July. Now, in order to grab headlines and help lazy bloggers like myself reach their quota, they are sending undead Presidential hopeful Mr. A. Zombie, his wife Patty Morgan-Zombie, and running mate Noah Pulse to the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, to speak out against Dish.

The hope is to end the blackout by the time The Walking Dead returns with season three in October, so AMC won't suffer further ratings drops. I could spout off averages and percentages but numbers are boring. Let's get back to the zombie politician thing. I feel he should be invited to the debates. He'd easily win over the Right by moaning and vomiting when asked his thoughts on ObamaCare. (via Warming Glow)