More new characters are joining AMC's "The Walking Dead," because the zombies need more brains. Staggering around aimlessly sure works up an appetite.

[post-album postid="8282" item="1"]In the next season, Rick Grimes and his Atlanta-evacuating company will be joined by these three new folks: Hershel, Maggie and Otis. (Very different from Milo and Otis.) Hersel is a veteranarian described as a "Wilford Brimley type," and the survivors will make a stop at his farm. While they're hiding from the undead behind (hopefully) not-undead livestock, they'll meet Hershel's horseback riding daughter Maggie and Otis the farmhand, a nice guy who accidentally kills another survivor and beats himself up over it. Aren't there any zombie therapists he could see?

These characters have yet to be cast, and there are more new characters in addition to these."The Walking Dead" is executive produced by comic writer Robert Kirkman. (TV Line)