I'm guessing with the critical success of the first season of the crime anthology True Detective, a loooooong line of agents and publicists lobbied to get their fallen stars back on the A-list. I mean, first it was announced that Taylor Kitsch (not quite fallen, but hobbled by John Carter and Battleship) and Colin Farrell (lots of bad stuff) would be teaming up for the sophomore season.

Now...NOW word is that Vince Vaughn is circling a part in the show's next outing on HBO. Vaughn hasn't done anything approaching drama since Clay Pigeons and Psycho. That was 60 lbs. and like 15 schlubby roles ago. It's time to get back on that horse, Vince.

There are currently no Wilson brothers cast to help him through this chore, but we're guessing that will change, too. Can't have Vince Vaughn without a Wilson brother.