Vince Vaughn knows what America wants. He knew before even we did that we wanted things like Couples Retreat, Fred Claus, and The Watch. Now, he plans on harnessing that prescience and using it to give us a new, modern version of The Brady Bunch! On CBS!

Because it's important that he sticks to the proper Brady mythology, lest everyone be totally confused and angry that this Brady Bunch reboot is not faithful to the Brady Bunch origins stories that we as a nation hold so dear, the series will focus on a divorced Bobby Brady, who marries a woman with children of her own. Just like his father did so many years before.

Not much else is known at this time, other than the fact that Vince Vaughn will be sitting as executive producer. Also, it is known that this is a terrible idea and Vince Vaughn is a terrible person for doing this.