You would think at this point, Vince Gilligan would need a break from Breaking Bad even more than us fans do. The intensity, the hype, the's enough to drive a man to take to the Adirondacks and write a conventional buddy cop procedural.

I'm not sure about the Adirondacks part, but the buddy cop procedural is dead on. Gilligan, with showrunner David Shore, has created a series about two different detectives, which will air on CBS sometime next year for 13 episodes.

Undoubtedly, CBS is going to wait as long as possible to air this show, if only so they can attend upfronts and TCA and say things like, "Oh, a Pauly Shore comedy sounds great, ABC. We don't have room for those types of comedies with our VINCE GILLIGAN SHOW."

They would then knock the kale salad right out of the ABC exec's hands and say something like, "C'mon guys, let's get out of here."