National productivity: your days are numbered. That's because Viacom, the media giant behind channels like MTV and Comedy Central, finally reached an agreement with Hulu to get their shows back on Hulu's internet webhome. Now America can comfortably ignore its stupid bosses and their requests to do actual "work, knowing that streaming versions of "The Colbert Report," "The Daily Show," "Jersey Shore" and "Tosh.0" are all on the same site, easily accessible from a cubicle computer. So now you can watch internet videos, then watch the internet video version of"Tosh.0" comment on those other videos, and soon your computer becomes a Cookie Monster-esque monster that tries to devour itself.

A disagreement between the two parties over -- what else? -- money, money, money saw Viacom yank its programs off Hulu. Now they're all back, including backlogs of "Beavis & Butthead" and "Chappelle Show," if you opt for Hulu's shitty subscription thing. Of course, many of Viacom's shows were already available for streaming on stand-alone sites, but let's face it: if the latest "Colbert" and re-runs of USA's "Weird Science" aren't on the same website, then what good is either show? (Hollywood Reporter)