While that headline might be enough to cause most readers to break out in hives and convulse, The Linda Perry Project (Do they use Mad-Libs to come up with these titles?) will actually focus on a talented person actually doing something.

Linda Perry was the lead singer of 4 Non Blondes, a sort of obnoxious, very heavily stylized pseudo-grunge band with one big hit, then nothing of note following it. Because she was an actual musician, she found success after the band as a songwriter, putting together music for Pink, Katy Perry, and a bunch of other (mostly female) songwriters that have gone on to do pretty damn well.

The show will follow Perry as she rolls out her record label and endeavors to shape new talent. Maybe it will be like The Voice without all the bullshit. Or maybe it will just be like The Voice. But at least it will have a person doing something.