UC Irvine Offering A Free Online ‘Walking Dead’ Course

Monday, September 9 by
It's far inferior to my "Charles in Charge: Gender Dynamics in the Workplace" seminars.  

This whole thing seems like a marketing ploy, which wouldn’t actually be the worst idea, in light of California’s issues with public funds as of late. I say this because Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from The Walking Dead sounds like the least cohesive college class ever, with the only real takeaway from the show being “how to survive as a fictional character on The Walking Dead.”

The first online class takes place the day after the October 13th premiere and the syllabus suggests you prepare to spend 2-4 hours a week talking about the course material, which is something Walking Dead fans do anyway.

Here’s the website, and notice the totally inconspicuous graphic that serves as a reminder that the show returns on October 13th. Grades will not be given, nor will credit, so just consider this a graduate-level Talking Dead class.

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