Tyler Perry’s Unholy Alliance With TBS Continues

Tuesday, April 26 by

Welp, looks like TBS is going to need to retire that “Very Funny!,” catchphrase. The sassy, black grandma-man hybrid thing that is Tyler Perry has closed a deal to create a third television series for the super-station. “For Better Or Worse” will continue the story established in Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? series, and will star Black Dynamite and that chick from Couple’s Retreat as a couple who are curious why they got married for reasons beyond the ability to rub it in gay people’s faces.

“Tyler Perry’s series have been tremendously successful for TBS, helping establish the network as a prime destination for African-American viewers,” said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming, for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies. “Given such a remarkable track record, we’re excited for the opportunity to expand our relationship with Tyler Perry and Debmar-Mercury with the new series For Better or Worse.”

Somewhere in Hollywood, a former cast member of “10 Items Or Less” weeps into the macchiato I ordered four goddamn minutes ago. (THR)

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